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GISCAME is available in three different versions: 

GISCAME (Expert version for investigation of socio-ecological systems and networks)

Standard functions:
All features of the basic system

Optional add-ons:

Add-On LSM (Landscape Structure Module)
Add-On AAMS (Automatic Attribute Management System)
Add-On BM (Biomass Module)
Add-On CA (Cellular Automaton)
Add-On WE (Water Erosion Module)

For further information on each add-on please click here.


GISCAME (for practical planning and teaching at universities/colleges)


All features of the basic system, but restrictions regarding administrative rights
Data preparation according to user profile (case study)
Selected add-ons


Pimp Your Landscape (school version)


Toolset for editing maps
Mapset of region
Predefined land use functions or ecosystem services including evaluation
List of results (High score)
Selection of time/stopwatch
Representation of results in pictures depending on selected land use function or ecosystem service  

For further information on Pimp Your Landscape please click here.

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