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Responsible for the content:  Dr. Katrin Pietzsch (PiSolution GmbH), Dr. Christine Fürst (Uni Halle-Wittenberg)

"Pimp your landscape",  "GISCAME" and "Forester" are community developments by PiSolution GmbH, TU Dresden, Institute of Soil Science and Site Ecology as well as University of Bonn, Center of Development Research.
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PiSolution GmbH has carefully reviewed the content of the web-pages.Though, we do not assume liability for the content of this website to be complete, correct and updated. 
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Infringement of an industrial property right
If you suspect that any of your property rights is violated by this website, we ask you to inform us immediately via Email so that the issue can be remedied as soon as possible. Please notice: The time-consuming engagement of a lawyer for issuing a written warning notice at the service provider's expense does not correspond to the latter's actual or implied intention. 
Objection to commercial usage of data 
We explicitly object to any commercial usage of our data in accordance with §§ 28, 29 BDSG.

Photo-proof header picture:

morganimation, Green square pattern ecology

sellingpix, dyllic natural landscape on fairy island. Series.


DouDou, Abstract Background Vector

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